I’ve gone and landed myself in the middle of a heat wave. Today it reached 38 degrees Celcius. The extreme temperature, together with missed sleep and a time change has left me feeling a little off today. I got some things done though, starting with reacquainting myself with the gear I’d left behind and beginning the task of repacking everything into my panniers. I also did a bit of work on my bike: (1) I fitted new Power Grip pedals (but I still need to adjust the straps); (2) I fitted my new bike computer (but I still need to set up the actual device); (3) I refitted my headlight to my front rack; (4) I fixed my gps cradle, part of which had snapped off when I stacked it a couple of months ago; (5) I tightened the tension of my bike’s belt; (6) I replaced all the weight-bearing bolts that connect my racks to the frame; (7) I greased my axles; (8) I sent off a few overdue email messages; (9) I cleaned my video camera lens; and (10) I started charging my electronic devices and rechargeable batteries. I had numerous little lie-downs in between all of these tasks and I’ve been trying to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. The heat really is going to be a great challenge in the coming weeks and I really need to be attentive to my health if I am to get through it unscathed.


Accommodation Airbnb home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km