I acted as a model for the first half of today, taking part in a photoshoot in the streets of Delhi for a leather goods company. How? The family I am staying manufacture high quality leather goods which they distribute to fashion capitals across the globe. They will soon be publicising their own brand within India and they wanted me to ‘model’ some of their products. I gave my best steely gazes during what was an amusing/interesting way to see a couple of spots in Delhi I wouldn’t have otherwise visited. Back at home I got stuck into getting my bike fully ready: I set up my bike computer and pedals, fitted my PVC pipe that holds my tripod and other items, and pumped up my tyres. It is now ready to hit the road. I’m not though. I feel like I could do with another day to actually look at a map and work out the way out of India and into Pakistan.

Throwback shot

Accommodation Airbnb home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km