I had a good sleep in and then got stuck into route planning, mapping out alternative pathways to get to Amritsar, near which I will be crossing into Pakistan. My route options all involve riding about 80km to Rohtak tomorrow, but then they diverge to give me multiple choices depending on how I am feeling each day. The shortest path will take me five riding days, while the longest will take me seven. With some idea about how the next week will look, I turned my attention to the stuff sprawled across my room and started packing. When I got as much packed as possible, I spent a couple of hours working on Newsletter 11 about my time in Nepal. When I tired of that, I made some overdue changes to the design of my website. For the last couple of hours I have done my best to relax by chilling out on the bed watching TV. After nearly two months off the bike, tomorrow I throw myself back into the adventure once again.

Let’s do this

Accommodation Airbnb home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km