False alarm. I haven’t started yet. I decided to stay another day last night when it became clear I wasn’t going to be able to say bye to my AirBnb host as he was staying somewhere else for the night. It took me a while to decide to delay my departure by another day, but I’m glad I did as it has meant I got out Newsletter 11, which in turn means I can start riding with fewer things on my to-do list plaguing my mind. All I need to focus on besides surviving each day is keeping up to date with Instagram posts and making as many videos as possible. I will try and make it a routine to do a bit of work on each of these things every night, wherever practicable. I have just enjoyed an incredibly delicious home-made chicken biryani, washed down with whisky. It was a late dinner so I really need to get some sleep for a big day tomorrow.

On the road (in the days ahead)

Accommodation Airbnb home
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 17,908km