Today didn’t go too badly, but it didn’t go as nicely as yesterday. My body was so tired I didn’t even hear my alarm so I got started about two hours after I wanted to. The ride was very flat, dusty and hot with an annoying headwind. I felt like I was struggling a bit too much, given my plans to ride twice as far tomorrow. I had my first break at a petrol station where I ate a little food in the company of the station workers. They didn’t speak English so we could only share very basic information. Later, I was invited into a shop by a couple of young guys and treated to cold Marinda. I didn’t have the same luck finding accommodation in Jind as I did in Rohtak yesterday. I found a spot labelled ‘resthouse’ on my app but there was clearly no accommodation there. On my way back towards the town centre I accepted invitations from two groups of people when they invited me to stop for a drink. I was hoping to get some information about where I could stay. This proved fruitless at the first place (a medical centre for mentally ill patients), but the second group I hung out with (teachers at a small education centre) were able to point me towards a “cheap” hotel. The hotel wasn’t cheap, so I resumed my search around town. Unfortunately, all the hotels I saw were of the ‘garden palace’ variety (suitable for Indian weddings) and were therefore relatively pricey. I checked out several places before choosing the cheapest one, which at 1000r (AU$20) is still twice as expensive as I am used to. I checked in, showered, rested, then headed down the road to get some dinner, which I took back to my room. There is no WIFI so I had to use my Spot to send a message home to let them know all is well. I have also ensured I will be able to get away early, which is going to involve waking a guy up who can open the front door and let me out. I am a bit worried tomorrow will be too much of a struggle. I am aiming to reach Patiala after a 125km ride, which is big ask given the state of my body right now.

Making friends

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 69.86km
Average cycling speed 14.4kph
Total distance ridden 18,056km