I embarrassed myself by sleeping in until 11.30am. I really didn’t mean to. I had woken up at 8.25am and thought I’d just let myself lie quietly for five minutes before getting up. The next thing I knew it was almost midday and I learned that Akram had long abandoned his wait for me to get up and had instead left for the Adventure Foundation of Pakistan, of which he serves as President. I enjoyed a delicious breakfast of toast and omelette and then caught a Careem (like an Uber) to the Foundation. I spent the afternoon meeting various people and reading a variety of the organisation’s publications, such as planning reports and newsletters. It seems that the Foundation got off to an incredible start, but has more recently began to struggle as a result of limited financial support. In the evening I shared the house with Qadeer, the ‘house help’, as Akram and Sharnaz had a dinner to attend.

My new home

Accommodation Home of a lovely family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 18,798km