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Day 770 (Pakistan Day 9)

This morning I was interviewed live on a national TV station’s morning show; specifically, PTV World’s ‘World This Morning’, which is hosted by Sharzad Khan and Maha Makhduma. This evening I accompanied Akram to the Italian High Commission where I joined representatives of numerous countries in celebrating Italy’s national day during a fancy event. Talk about living the high life!

The first adventure started early when Akram and I made out way to the PTV headquarters. I was surprised at how relaxed and informal the proceedings were. We were welcomed into an office where I could piece together my bike (which I had taken apart to fit in Akram’s car). I met a couple of producers before being led into the studio. One producer quickly explained that he wanted me to ride onto set before taking a seat on the couch in front of the hosts. The set consisted of a couple of couches and coffee tables in front of a green screen. I had a quick go at cycling onto set so I knew how to manage it when the time came. Then I had to be quiet as a newsreader on a neighbouring set completed a news bulletin. The hosts then appeared and we had a quick chat while they got settled onto their couch, read their notes and made a quick plan about how they were going to tackle the day’s program. A few minutes later the show was on the air and as I waited off to the side Shahzad and Maha welcomed the day and spoke about what was coming up on the program. All of a sudden I was introduced and I received my cue to cycle on and take a seat. I had no idea what questions they were going to ask, so it was very much just go with the flow and try not to make a fool of myself. I think it went really well. The show aired live and was repeated again tonight. It will be made public sometime tomorrow, so I look forward to actually seeing it for myself and getting a copy to show around. After the interview, the hosts and other staff got some quick photos with me. I then left the studio to let them complete the show. Shahzad invited me to hang around for twenty minutes so we could chat properly afterwards, but Akram whisked me away back to the Adventure Foundation, where we continued to try and sort out the NOC issue.

The evening adventure started when I managed to find a suitably-sized suit jacket at the Foundation. Without one I’d have no chance of attending the fancy function with Akram and Sharnaz. And fancy it was! Held in an extravagantly decorated function hall (Sheesh Mahal) within Pakistan’s most prestigious hotel (Serena Hotel), I was well out of my depth as I walked in past dresses designed by one of Italy’s top designers (Cristina Senter). Musicians and opera singers flown in from Italy for the event were serenaded the room’s inhabitants, who were the who’s who of Pakistan’s international diplomatic society. I followed Akram around as he joined the throng of hand shakers and highbrow talkers. I acted cool as I was introduced to the ambassadors of various countries, some of whom were genuinely interested to here from someone who had cycled through the place they represent. Speeches were made, food was served, and my legs got tired from standing. All the while I continued to feel as if the day wasn’t quite real.

On TV!

Accommodation Home of a lovely family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 18,798km

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  1. uteundkonrad

    Wow – great show, You are cyclist, model and tv-star


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