Being my last day in the city, I was willingly packed off by Akram to see a couple of museums, including the Natural History Museum and the Heritage Museum. I think it’s important to explore a natural history museum every once in a while, but having seen the awe-inspiring British Museum, it’s hard to find one that comes close to being as impressive. The Heritage Museum was quite excellent though, providing important insight into the history and diversity of Pakistan, both in terms of its environment and the cultures it supports. In the afternoon I returned home to pack my things and ready myself for leaving. I finished a drawing and wrote a letter on the back of it as a thank you to Akram and Shahnaz for taking such great care of me. I teared up a bit when Akram told me what he thought of me and the time we had shared. After a quick dinner, it was time to race over to Pindi’s NATCO bus terminal. There, I was joined by Roshaan, who had come to see the salt mine yesterday. He had always wanted to visit northern Pakistan, so when he learned I was going by bus, he jumped at the opportunity to come along and finally achieve his goal. When the bus finally arrived at around 10.30pm, I faced a mad rush as my gear was loaded and I was pushed on board. I had just enough time to give Akram a hasty hug before the door was closed and we took off. Even though great adventure awaits, I felt sad to be moving on and I look forward to a time I can knock on Akram’s door again. The time I have spent with him and his family has been one of the most special experiences of my trip.

Museum day

Accommodation Overnight bus
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 18,798km