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Day 780 (Pakistan Day 19)

I didn’t ride today, but I walked a bloody long way – all the way up the hill that stands to the right of Rakaposhi. It took about four hours to hike up and two hours to hike down. The intensity of the sun at altitude has been a lesson for me and I got back home a lot redder than when I set out. It was just my legs that copped a beating though, as for the first time (despite carrying it for the last two years) I used my Frillneck hat, which offers complete protection of the face and neck. While I had some hope that the hike would loosen up my legs and lessen the pain that had built up yesterday, it only added to it and now I can hardly walk normally. On my return home I feasted on a gigantic serving of chicken biryani and salad, the day having only been fuelled by a single plain paratha and one egg. I had a refreshing (ice cold) wash, then climbed to my rooftop home and had a much-needed snooze. While being tired from the hike, I was also tired from the fact that a group of college students staying at the hotel had partied outside until 2am, the ridiculously loud music floating straight past my tent. In the evening, I joined a new friend (Zishanari, the 15 year-old son of the one of the hotel’s employees) for fresh apricot juice at one of the little cafes that are scattered alongside the creek that flows off Rakaposhi. We were joined by a few other locals and as the sky darkened, we questioned each other about life in each of our countries.

Just chillin’

Accommodation $ Camping on a hotel roof
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 18,870km

2 Responses to “Day 780 (Pakistan Day 19)”

  1. bribikes

    What a picture! I love the contrast between the peaceful green and the arctic white. With the dramatic clouds in the background and the children in the foreground, it’s simply stunning.


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