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Day 782 (Pakistan Day 21)

I had grand plans to sleep in, find some WIFI, catch up on diary entries and explore Hoper Valley by bicycle. Having completed the first three of these, I slowly realised I really didn’t want to do anything physical, lest I completely destroy my legs. It was nice to choose relaxation over adventure for once and I really got the feeling that I was on a holiday. To aid the relaxation process, I indulged in a good amount of medicinal herb through the afternoon while sitting under the thick foliage of fruit trees. It proved to me good thinking time and my body appreciated its lack of movement.

One astonishing thing happened while sitting back gazing at the tree branches above and I promise this isn’t a drug-induced fantasy. To set the scene: I was sitting on a chair on one of several grassed terraces that extend up a hill. Each terrace is supported by a rock wall. My chair was located about three metres away from the rock wall holding up the next terrace and the top of this walk was approximately the same height as my head. Now for the action. Out of nowhere came a massive explosion from somewhere seemingly far away. About four seconds after the explosion came the sound of rustling leaves, getting closer every second. Have you ever seen The Patriot? Remember the battleground scene where a cannonball is fired and flies straight at the camera before taking off a guy’s head. As the sound of something flying through the trees continued to approach, this scene flashed through my head and I really thought a cannonball was on its way. Instead of a cannonball, it was a big rock. It crashed into the ground on the next terrace up and bounced/rolled/slid straight towards my head. I was ready to dive out of the way, but fortunately the rock came to a stop on the edge of the terrace. Actually, it came to rest right on the rock wall as if it were a part of it. I was sufficiently disturbed from my afternoon session of relaxing to decide I would be safer indoors for a while.

In the evening I dragged myself onto my feet for a walk in town, where I bumped into Piru, a Pakistani guy who I met in Gilgit. After having tea and cake at Café De Hunza (to utilise the WIFI), we were invited by one of Piru’s friends to have a tea, which turned into a delicious BBQ dinner. Back at home, I enjoyed some more of the same relaxant I’d had earlier, along with some ‘Hunza Water’, the local liquor, which I think was made from mulberries.

Not a bad place for it

Accommodation Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 18,902km

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