I got away from my hidden camp spot without gaining unwanted attention and hit the road with the hope I’d reach Kashgar, all going well. All went well and the ride was fairly cruisy. The downhill flattened out and the mountains became lost behind me in a hazy horizon as I pushed through the heat towards the city. Without suncream and having got quite burnt in the last couple of days, I covered up completely with a long-sleeve shirt, leg-warmers (hot, but better than getting burnt), facemask, hat and sunglasses. Nothing of my face could be seen at all. I will try and find thin leggings so I can more comfortably cover up my legs in hot weather.

On arrival in Kashgar I made my way to the Old Town Hostel where secured one of the last four dorm beds available. As I got settled in, I finally met Torsten and Lisi, fellow cycle tourists who I’d been messaging as I rode through Pakistan, where they’d maintained about a week’s lead ahead of me. After a gloriously hot shower I joined them for a walk to a huge supermarket where I stocked up on some breakfast supplies. We bought dome streetfood for dinner, which we ate back at the hostel as we chatted into the night swapping cycling stories.

Extreme sun + no suncream = this

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 123.01km
Average cycling speed 20kph
Total distance ridden 19,462km