My 8-bed dorm room fronts directly onto the hostel’s courtyard, its windows opening straight onto an open seating area where people like to chat and drink long into the night. My ear plugs and eye mask did a good job to cocoon me in silence and protect me from the early morning goings-on. Less easily blocked out was the shakiness of the bunk bed, any movement by myself or the lower occupant causing the whole structure to rock and squeal. On getting up I joined Torsten and Lisi at an outside table where I prepared myself a giant fruit salad for breakfast. The rest of the morning was spent chatting and relaxing as the sun’s heat got harsher. I got active in the late morning, completing some handwashing and scrubbing clean my stove set. Hunger forced me out of the hostel for food, which I found in a little restaurant. The low price of the delicious meals here is astonishing. Back at the hostel I got stuck into my to-do list, putting batteries on charge and researching the Stans. I applied for a Tajikistan visa online and later went in search of methylated spirits or kerosene for my camp stove. In the evening I joined Anne (an Irish cyclist who started in Uzbekistan) and Brian (an Irish backpacker) for a dinner run to the night market. The night was getting stormy and there was no electricity when we returned home. Without the distraction of WIFI, people were chatting and playing cards. We settled into a corner and chatted into the night.

With Lisi, Torsten and Anna

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 19,462km