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Day 795 (China Day 8)

I had one of those great mornings where you feel like you’re being really lazy and enjoying a sleep in, then discover it’s actually earlier than you thought, so you both had a ‘sleep in’ but didn’t waste time. After breakfast I headed into the city in search of stove fuel, a bicycle tool and cycling leggings. I found the latter two and also collected toilet paper and milk powder. The stove fuel eluded my dedicated efforts, despite hours of walking around. I have officially given up on finding any and instead have resigned myself to buying petrol in Kyrgyzstan. Through the afternoon I irritated my eyes from hours of searching the internet for information about how to obtain visas for my upcoming countries. It was a fruitful search and I now have a solid plan. A timely email announced that I have been granted the first of several visas I’ll need: Tajikistan. This work took me through to dinner, for which Anne and I returned to the night market, where I got a sweet spring roll, two dumplings, chicken leg and watermelon – a mixed but delicious meal from four separate vendors.


Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 19,462km

3 Responses to “Day 795 (China Day 8)”

  1. Gene Bunin


    Very sorry about this, as you don’t know me and I’m sketchily writing out of the blue, but I’ve been following your blog the past few days as I try to closely follow Kashgar news in general.

    Basically, the hostel you’re staying at now was actually very much like home to me (I was a long-term resident), until I got kicked out by the authorities 2 months ago. If you’re curious, you can read the whole story here: ccapprox.info/kashgareviction.pdf. I’m glad that the hostel is open again.

    The room I stayed in was actually the single just cut out in the top left corner of your photo (to the left of the bathroom and right above the kitchen). I had about 50-60 books there, together with other stuff, that I just had to abandon, and have been wondering if they’re still there… I don’t really want to bother you, and you don’t really owe me anything, but I was curious if I could ask you to see if they might still be around?

    Again, really sorry for such a sudden out-of-the-blue :-)… I hope that the little write-up I did for how to travel to Kyrgyzstan is still hanging by the courtyard entrance, in which case it would hopefully be of some use to you.



    • Budgie Escapee

      Hey mate. Would love to help, but this is published one year after the fact, so I am long gone. Hope you get your stuff, and I hope you are determined to return and continuing documenting the situation.


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