After another delicious fruit salad breakfast (today accompanied by a fresh bread roll rather than oats and yoghurt) I got stuck into developing a calendar for the next couple of months, outlining important dates such as those on which I plan to cross borders and those on which I need to apply for visas or other documents (including a code for my Iranian visa application and a letter of invitation for my Uzbekistan visa application). I also marked those dates on which I expect to reach milestones during my journey along the Pamir Highway, such as towns at which I can expect to find food and internet, and mountain passes that will require exceptional effort to cross on the bike. I used my calendar to work out how much cash I will need, given that I won’t have access to reliable ATMS in four of the five countries I intend on crossing between China and Turkey. This work carried me through until lunchtime, when I bought a selection of vegetables for 4y (AU$0.80) and cooked half of them with a packet of noodles I’d bought in Tashkurgan. In the afternoon I went through all of my luggage and took out the things I can send home and reduce my burden (a few gifts and other items I can bear to part with). For dinner, Anne and I found a nice little restaurant that had a helpful photo board of the dishes they served.

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Total distance ridden 19,462km