Kashgar is a very nice city. It’s clean. It has an attractive mix of modernity and history. The people are friendly. The food is great (and so cheap!) The architecture is interesting. And the green spaces are attractive. One thing in the negative is the overbearing presence of armed police, many of whom seem barely out of teenage-hood. I had a good walk around the old part of the city after a busy morning collecting US cash, writing an itinerary to support my Iranian visa application and applying for a Letter of Invitation to support my Uzbekistan visa application. Patience supported me through very a long wait at the bank of China where I exchanged Chinese RMB for US dollars. I obtained $500 within the bank (its upper limit) and a further $100 from a guy outside (losing out only AU$0.80 against the bank rate). At home I noticed my front tyre is flat, which is a little suspicious. I’m also getting sick, the inevitable outcome of sharing an 8-bed dorm room with strangers. Tonight is good though. There is only one other person in the room.


Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 19,462km