My day began with a longer-than-required search for China Post. I was directed to one side of the city before eventually learning the post office was on the other side, right where I had started the search. The entrance to the place is simply not clear. While looking for the door, I inadvertently found my way into an education centre. I met its founder and he took it upon himself to show me into the post office and enquire on my behalf about sending a package to Australia. As I arrived in the right little office, I turned to express my gratitude only to find he had gone. Arranging the post was easy and I opted for the slow 2-3 month option. My wanderings also took me past an ATM where I took out some extra cash to pay Anne, from whom I’d accepted some US dollars to support my ride through the Stans and Iran. I planned on getting the cash yesterday, but a couple of big withdrawals yesterday morning had alerted the fraud department of Citibank and I had to work out how to contact them and rectify the issue. Fortunately, Torsten lent me his phone and I was able (via a service called Discount VOIP) to make a cheap call to Australia and sort it out. On my return home from the bank, I felt overcome with my worsening sickness and lowered myself, exhausted, onto my bed. I rested through the rest of the day, filling tissues and reading my Kindle.


Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 19,462km