I have made a breakthrough on the personal hygiene front. You know that feeling of dirtiness you have when you haven’t brushed your teeth? The feeling that’s strong enough to drag you out of the most comfortable bed and visit the bathroom? Well, I now have that feeling when I haven’t flossed, which is great news for my teeth. Previous to now I would floss in the weeks preceding a dentist date and for several weeks after, but in between times I would absent-mindedly forget about flossing altogether. Having spent this long talking about flossing, you might correctly assume I don’t have a lot to report about today. I rested again, playing it safe with regards to my injured back. It didn’t serve my restlessness well though and more than once I nearly went over to my bike to start working on it. Fortunately, a few twinges in my still-tender back reminded me the best thing to do is continue waiting. I plan on tending to the bike tomorrow though. If I fix the rear brake, I can make plans to leave Kashgar. If I can’t fix it, then I will visit the city’s bike shops and see if they have any V-brake systems in stock. This evening I went for a walk and on leaving the hostel I strolled down a street on which I’ve yet to tread. I was instantly reminded just how pretty this city is, especially the old parts.

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Total distance ridden 19,462km