I was hoping to end the day with a completely operational bike, but I only got halfway there. Returning to the Giant bike store in the morning, I worked with the guys there to install some new v-brakes in place of my troublesome hydraulic ones. I was pleased to discover that my Rohloff gear cable holder was able to fit onto the new rear brake. We had trouble with the front brake. In order to slide the brake lever onto the handlebar, it’s necessary to remove the Rohloff gear shifter, but this seemed impossible to do. After struggling with the issue for a while, I gave up on the idea of putting a v-brake on the front, knowing that the front Magura hydraulic rim brake that I’d removed yesterday was still intact and functioning (it was the rear Magura I couldn’t get working and really needed to replace). Back at the hostel, I set about reinstalling the Magura brake, but I couldn’t complete the job as I didn’t have enough mineral oil to fill it. I returned to the streets and found some new mineral oil at Merida bike store (two doors down from Giant and arguably the better shop). Sick of working on my bike, I decided to wait until tomorrow before I inject the oil into the brakes. By the time all of this was done my back pain had flared up and I laid down for a rest before running through some back-strengthening exercises. Into the evening I worked on writing a newsletter to document my time cycling through Indian Punjab, Pakistan and China.


Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 19,462km