Finally, my brakes are sorted and I can look forward to leaving Kashgar and resuming my adventure. I took half the morning to inject new mineral oil into the front brake and adjust its position on the frame so that the new pads I installed don’t rub on the rim. The first half of the morning was spent sleeping in after a difficult night’s sleep. I was tempted to ‘reward’ my work with a trip to KFC, but fortunately I saved myself from regret when something compelled me to walk a little further down the main street and into a dingy-looking alley. Here, I found a food market busy with locals. I’d discovered a hidden gem! My daily hope of finding an assortment of cooked vegetables instead of the noodle soups, kebabs and bread readily available finally came true. I had an excellent lunch (which seemed to be all you can eat) for 12y (AU$2.40). Back at home I worked on my newsletter for a while before a Chinese girl called Lulu struck up a conversation. I chatted to her through the rest of the afternoon, our conversation revolving around astrology. She had a program on her Windows Surface into which you cancinput someone’s birth details (date, time, coordinates) to generate an astrological map that can be used to judge a person’s character and explore how their life has unfolded, or will unfold in the future. Apparently my life will change dramatically in November and there is likely to be love in the air in December. Let’s see, shall we.

Street life

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 19,462km