An included breakfast of bread, jam, butter and two fried eggs fuelled my morning tasks, which included two walks to the bazaar, dairy catch-up work and clothes washing. I visited the bazaar a second time as I thought I must have been too early the first time, as nearly all the sea container shops were closed. I faced the same thing the second time, however, finally learning that today is a holiday. Consequently, I didn’t complete my food shopping or get myself a working SIM card, both of which will have to wait until tomorrow morning. In the afternoon I reviewed a word document that comprises the draft results of a scientific research paper based on some work I did as a zoologist. I then completed some video editing to progress my Karijini video. In the late afternoon I finally succeeded in finding a hacksaw, which meant I could finish swapping my mirror over to the left hand side of my handlebars. I needed the saw to cut through the old nut and bolt, which had fused together with rust. I then treated five litres of water in preparation for my return to the bike tomorrow. After a stroll around town in the last of the day’s light, I got talking to a German and Belgian pair of motorcyclists out the front of the hotel, sharing beer and chatting until we decided it was dinnertime. I have stayed up too late, but the consequences won’t be too serious. I’m on holiday after all and travelling alone, so I can be tired tomorrow.

Volleyball with a view

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 19,888km