I worked hard to maintain a positive frame of mind as my still-exhausted body packed up camp and prepared itself for another punishing day. I tried my stove again to no avail, so I ate a haphazard breakfast of one capsicum, half a raw potato (couldn’t face eating the other half) and half of my almonds and dried fruits. This left me with a small portion of almonds and dried fruits to get me through the day. I decided to focus my mind on segments of 5km, giving myself a massive pat on the back after each one was complete and eating after the first three were complete, marking the halfway point at 15km. Fortunately, the riding was not too taxing. There were some super challenging climbs (challenging because of my exhausted state, not necessarily because the climb itself was difficult) but overall the ride into Langar was relatively easy. The last 15km were especially easy as it was mostly downhill. Just as I started this downhill section I came across four riders who were making their way up the hill, having left Langar earlier in the morning. I hadn’t seen any other cyclists in the last three days, so it was nice to again come across others who also ‘enjoy’ putting themselves through hell. They gave me some tips about what to expect in Langar and so, armed with their advice, I made my way to the magazin where I hoped to find a scrumptious lunch and a homestay. I was disappointed to find that they had no bread, tomatoes or cucumbers for sale, so I wasn’t able to make the sandwich I had started dreaming of. Instead, I was welcomed into the homestay behind the shop, my hosts telling me that they could make me some lunch. Despite not really knowing the deal with regards to accommodation (owing to a language barrier) I gratefully accepted their offer of a home where I can comfortably recover. As I was unpacking my bike a pair of middle-aged German cyclists turned up, wanting to have a break from the sun before starting the climb out of Langar. We were served bread and tea together, and I was given a plate of two fried eggs and a couple of tomatoes. I enjoyed having friendly company as I settled into the homestay and began to wind down. The Germans soon left, leaving me to continue settling in. I had a cold water bucket wash, tidied up my belongings, then lay out a bed and proceeded to do very little. Through the afternoon I relaxed in the living room of the home, read my kindle and snacked on the bread and nibblies that had been left out. I hardly moved until dinnertime, when I was served a plate of sliced boiled potatoes and a tomato and onion salad. I accepted the offer of more food and was given a bowl of potato and noodles too. By this time it was dark and I finding it hard to stay awake. I crawled into bed and fell into a blissful sleep. I did it. I made it. I didn’t give up. I can relax.

Approaching Langar

Accommodation $ Homestay
Distance ridden today 30.14km
Average cycling speed 9.1kph
Total distance ridden 20,120km