A miracle has happened. Perhaps my Giardia meds are fighting off bacterial infection on my bum sore, but whatever the reason, the blister seemed to improve a lot overnight. The swelling was down in the morning and I was able to ride on it with far less wincing than previous days. Before I got going on the bike, however, I faced the annoying start that I knew was coming when I made camp. This start involved getting all of gear back up the road, a task that I completed in three sections, each one requiring four trips. Once on the bike, I immediately faced a 4km climb on a rough road and even though I was moving by 8am, a light headwind had also begun its day, just to make things even harder. Over the peak and things changed. I was determined to ride hard despite the wind and my body responded positively. I stopped after ten kilometres to stock up on food and complete my breakfast, supplementing the dried apricots and currants I’d had at camp with biscuits, polony meat, apples, tomatoes and cucumbers. Full of fuel once again, I returned to the business at hand, which was to ride as hard and fast as possible and watch the kilometres tick by. The wind slowly strengthened as the day went on and by 1.30pm it was a force to be reckoned with. Still I pushed through it, reaching Ishkoshim around 3pm.

When I had a lunch break at the roadside earlier in the day, a Belgian and Swiss couple in their own Land Rover stopped for a chat and gave me a card to the main guesthouse in Ishkoshim, called Hanis Guesthouse. I went straight there and was pleasantly surprised to be checked in by an Australian/Scottish guy called Jono, who has been calling the guesthouse home for the last eight days. I dumped my bags then chatted with Jono while devouring most of my remaining food. Satiated once again, I went for a walk through town to stock up on supplies, having a really nice time chatting to local kids along the way. Back at home I rinsed my clothes, then returned to my position on the platform out the front of the guesthouse where I continued to hang out with Jono. It was soon dinnertime and I made no attempt to stop myself pigging out on the delicious food provided. This was followed by a couple of beers with Jono and another cycling couple. Now suddenly it’s time to hit the hay and rest up in readiness for another day fighting the wind.

Just another day living the dream

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 62.24km
Average cycling speed 11.8kph
Total distance ridden 20,237km