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Day 831 (Tajikistan Day 20)

I slept in as much as I wanted. I got up to receive a nice breakfast included in my stay before returning straight to my room and lazing about perusing the internet. Thus went most of my day. My internet work was productive, despite the slow WIFI. I emailed a journalist from The West Australian newspaper, for which we will be producing an article about my travels for the Travel section – I now have a set of questions about my trip to work on answering. I emailed Primus to see if they can give advice about my stove issues, given that the Trangia office is shut down for the next month – no reply yet. I emailed Gates about the aging of my sprockets and of the belt, which has officially reached the end of its life, with two teeth missing and many others cracking – they have suggested I replace the entire system with their ‘latest and greatest’ model, so I am awaiting answers to some questions that will determine whether I think it’s more economical to upgrade as they suggest or simply replace my current system. I emailed AfterShokz about a fault with my headphones. I emailed Selle Royal about their delivery options, given that Tajikistan recently blocked access to courier services – I am now ready to call myself a non-fan of Brooks saddles, having had two that fail to give me a comfortable riding experience without blisters, despite giving each about 10,000km to wear in. I visited Megafon in town to get more mobile data on my phone and along the way I went shopping for lunch supplies (coming home with bread, yoghurt, water, a can of sweet corn, sausage meat and a humungous jar of pickled cucumbers). I had to visit Megafon again a couple of hours later to get help activating my new data package, and I couldn’t resist shopping for food a second time, this time coming home with the same sweet treats I treated myself to yesterday: four mini Snickers bars and an icy pole. In the late afternoon I chatted to a Dutch cyclist who arrived at the guesthouse having cycled from Dushanbe and in the evening I chatted to a Sydney-sider who is travelling through Central Asia with his partner. Dinner was good again, but not as great as last night. I have no plans to move on again tomorrow.

Lost a tooth

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,590km

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