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Day 832 (Tajikistan Day 21)

I finally feel I have had the relaxing day I have been chasing, despite being busy for most of it. I think I feel this way because (a) I never changed out of my pyjamas and (b) I only left the guesthouse at around 6pm to buy beer and snickers for myself and Tim (the Dutch cyclist who arrived yesterday and who has been nice to hang out with throughout today). I was going to put off working on my bike until the afternoon, but when Tim started working on his in the morning, I thought I’d do the same. My main job was fitting my new belt (chain). I still need to align the belt so it runs smoothly. I also replaced a bolt that has fallen off my front mudguard, as well as a couple of broken zip ties holding plastic protective tubing onto my front rack. I then looked at my stove. With Tim’s assistance in providing a long pin that I could stick down the metal tube of containing the blockage, we managed to solve the problem and I now have a working stove again! This made me incredibly happy and was the cause for my leaving the guesthouse for drinks and chocolate. In between these tasks I continued to work on my emails. I am now likely to buy a new Gates belt system (centretrack, expedition, splined sprocket style) at a heavily discounted price – hopefully I will get the purchase finalised tomorrow. I received a reply from AfterShokz, asking me which country I’m in, as this will influence how they can help me with my broken headphones – haha, Tajikistan, let’s see how they respond to that. I received a reply from Selle Royal, confirming that they are unable to post a new saddle into Tajikistan – with other sellers not shipping to Tajikistan, I still have no way of getting myself a new seat in the near future. In the evening I noticed my feet and ankles were swollen and during the shower I have just had I realised that my entire legs are swollen. I’m not sure if it’s because I have been on my feet most of the day, or because my body is reacting to rest after some heavy-duty cycling. I have decided it feels right that I rest again tomorrow and leave the following day.

Kalai Khumb

Accommodation $ Guesthouse
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,590km

6 Responses to “Day 832 (Tajikistan Day 21)”

    • Budgie Escapee

      This was the first belt, so just over 20,000km. I didn’t really ride before this trip so can’t compare directly, but my understanding is that a chain would never last this long (it would stretch/wear/snap way earlier). So yes, the fact that they last this long without needing regular maintenance (cleaning, oiling etc) makes them much better to me.


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