Another morning, another embassy trip. Having got all my paperwork and payment sorted yesterday, my trip to the Iranian embassy was very short. No one else was there so I was let in straight away and spent just one minute inside handing over my stuff and having it checked over. I was told to come back tomorrow to pick up my passport, but I asked if it might be ready today. ‘Come back at 6pm’, I was told. Back at home I spent much of my day planning my time in Turkmenistan – you need to say exactly what dates you plan on arriving and leaving and you are tied to these dates –  and preparing a letter of intent as part of my transit visa application. I expect to be in Dushanbe for the next couple of weeks and then, if I am lucky enough to get the Turkmenistan visa (which is thought to be a 50/50 chance), I will spend about ten days in Uzbekistan and then five days in Turkmenistan before reaching Iran. With such an expensive visa fee (150 euros), I really want to focus time and attention on getting to know Iran and am happy to sacrifice time in Uzbekistan for this purpose.

I also spent time editing the video for Vero and washing clothes and camping gear. In the evening I raced to the Iranian Embassy and picked up my passport, complete with a new visa as promised. I bumped into Dorothea there and we worked out we will see each other yet again tomorrow morning at the Turkmenistan Embassy. At home I lay in a hammock until dinner was ready, realising it is the first time since I arrived in Dushanbe that I have stopped moving for just a few minutes. After submitting my visa application at the Turkmenistan Embassy tomorrow, I expect I will finally be able to relax properly and start recuperating from the general exhaustion that has gripped me.

Reunion with Etienne and Mathilde

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Total distance ridden 20,875km