Another embassy trip, this time to apply for a Turkmenistan visa. The process, once the wait outside was over, was surprisingly organised. One well-groomed official sat at a nice wooden desk in the centre of an office. I passed my stuff through to him and after he read through my letter of intent, he handed out an application form for me to fill in. He suggested I could be emailed a code that I could use to get my visa at the border, but I had already decided I would wait for it in Dushanbe. He said it would take ten days and referred to a calendar on the wall to tell me which day to return. As I left the embassy I of course bumped into Dorothea (this time with Piotrek) who I have seen at both the Uzbekistan and Iranian Embassies in the last couple of days, after first meeting them in Sary Tash. As we chatted, a guy who was at the end of his ten-day waiting period emerged from the office. I asked him if he got the visa, but he had been told it wasn’t ready yet. Not good news, as this is how it seems to go. The visas never become ready and people give up waiting. Hopefully I have better luck. Back at home I spent the rest of the day editing Vero’s video. We finally completed it. Just after we gave it a test run on the projector, Vero arrived home after an evening out. This meant tonight was video-viewing night! It was really great to see her reaction to the hard work everyone put into collecting and producing content for the short film. Tomorrow I finally get to sleep in.

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