I feel sick after over-eating the three-course meal I prepared for eight people using two camp stoves. Nothing turned out exceptional but it was all okay. First up was a kind of miso soup, followed by a vegetable stir-fry and finished with a sweet caramel and lolly slice with ice cream. Food shopping, cooking, eating, cleaning up and feeling sick filled my day from about 3pm onwards. Before that I got quite a few tasks done from my to-do list, including fixing the casing of my pedal power plus unit; fixing my Rode microphone; cleaning my bike, panniers and stove; cleaning my electronics; and backing up my recent photos and videos. I tried to have a sleep in, this being the first day in three that I didn’t have to rush off to an embassy first thing, but I only managed to be in bed until about 8am. I’ll try for a more lazy morning tomorrow!


Accommodation Vero’s
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,875km