After breakfast I got stuck into editing Vero’s video. Someone sent in a late addition and I said I’d add it. It was a bit annoying to have to continue working on it when I thought it was finished, but it didn’t really take too long. My main task for the day was to complete the text for the newspaper article I am writing for The West Australian. When I got sick of staring at my computer screen, I went outside and sat with Vero’s pet bird for a while, a beautiful African Grey Parrot. I ended up being inspired to draw a picture of it. I spent the next few hours drawing before racing into town to look for a picture frame, as I’d decided to give it to Vero as a thank you gift. Despite spending a couple of hours on the hunt, I failed to find a suitable frame. I gave the picture to Vero anyway, figuring that she might prefer it unframed so that she has less weight to bring back to France. In the evening the household (Lisi, Torsten, Vero, Igor, Sebastien, Melanie, Sophie and myself) all piled into Vero’s car, which took us to a hilltop restaurant overlooking the lights of Dushanbe.

Beautiful birdie

Accommodation Vero’s
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,875km