I have been feeling a bit unhappy all day and I am putting it down to the fact that being at Vero’s means being surrounded by people in the same space all day. I am ready for some space and isolation again. I really want to stay at a private place (like one of the single-bedroom apartments I found on Airbnb today) but my next accommodation really needs to be the hostel to which I addressed the bike seat I bought on ebay. The hostel has some private rooms available but they are relatively expensive (even more expensive than the studio apartments I have seen on AirBnb). At least a change of scenery will be nice. I woke up unrefreshed and pottered round until it as time to say goodbye to Lisi and Torsten. Chances are I will see them again in the next few months. I really hope I do as, having spent time with them for two extended periods now (the first in Kashgar, China), they have become my most constant friends in recent times. In the afternoon I spent some time preparing photos for the newspaper article I have been working on. I also completed a few bike related tasks like replacing weight-bearing bolts on my racks and fitting protective tubing to my front rack. The French couple Melanie and Sophie made dinner with a delicious chocolate mousse dessert after which we watched a short film about three guys who cycled through Tajikistan.


Accommodation Vero’s
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,875km