Despite wanting to be lazy and put it off, I worked on my bike today and completed my ‘bike maintenance to-do list’. This included changing the oil in my Rohloff hub and adjusting my brakes. I am even happier that I got rid of one of my Magura brakes as tending to the V-brake was so much easier. I look forward to getting rid of my other Magura brake, which I will probably do once I wear through the stock of pads I have. It was about 3pm when I said bye to Vero, Melanie, Sophie, Sebastien and Marc and left what was a great place to call home for a week. (Vero is moving back to France so it’s not possible to stay longer). A short ride took me to my new home: Green House Hostel. Still feeling the need for space, I didn’t put in any real effort to make friends as I settled in. I’ll have plenty of time to meet people during the rest of my stay. Once I had been given a room and packed my things away under my chosen bed and in a locker, I grabbed my laptop and set about replying to the journalist with whom I’m producing a newspaper article about my journey. I emailed my answers to her questions, then worked on sending six emails containing a selection of photos. The internet was slow so it took a while. When this was completed, I wandered out to a local restaurant where I had an Olivye salad and chicken kebab, both of which were delicious. Back at home, I chatted to fellow cyclists staying in my room before getting ready for bed.

I’ll miss this place

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,875km