I’m pleased to be able to say I had an easy-going, productive day. After breakfast I immersed myself in video editing and only thought to check the time when I started getting hungry. It was 2pm when this happened. I took it as my cue to have a break, preparing the same lunch as yesterday (tomato and cucumber sandwiches with apricots and nectarines on the side and a mixed fruit juice). After satiating my hungry stomach I commenced a few other tasks that will be a work in progress over coming days. These included furthering my Instagram schedule and researching Iraqi Kurdistan, which I might add into my itinerary between Iran and Turkey. Around 4pm I ventured outside the hostel walls on my bike and visited the local green market, where I stocked up fresh fruit and vegetables. I also bought some pasta and tomato paste. Back at home, I continued on the aforementioned tasks before packing up for the day and entering the hostel’s kitchen, where I prepared a delicious pasta dinner, followed by a yogurt dessert. As I washed my dishes, my mind returned to my video and I couldn’t help setting myself up again for some more editing. It’s coming along really well. I plan on finishing editing it tomorrow during the day, then processing it into a file overnight. I will probably then wait until the following night before I try uploading it to YouTube, although I fear that even in the middle of the night when usage is low, the hostel’s WIFI might not be powerful enough to allow the upload.

Overlooking the city

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,875km