My morning was spent video editing. When I got sick of that I ventured outside and called Akram, my Pakistani friend. I had leftovers for lunch before returning to my workstation upstairs and completing various tasks. My main task was to upload a bunch of new music to my MP3 player. I also added a lecture series about the origins of the universe and a French language course. Having not heard from Gates (about a new belt system), Steripen (about my broken light) and AfterShokz (about my broken headphones) for a week, I emailed each to request an update. Finally, I joined Warmshowers, which I expect to use a bit more as I venture closer to Europe. Returning to my room, I was disappointed to discover that a bunk bed had been added to the top of my single bed. No longer will I enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep in a bed that doesn’t shake with the movements of a second person above. Not only has someone moved in above, but they have also dumped a massive pile of smelly luggage right next to the bed. During dinner I caught up with a Korean couple who had applied for a Turkmenistan visa on the same day as me. They had visited the Embassy today to check the status of their application and were told to return tomorrow when it should be ready. Without being too hopeful, I have decided I will visit the Embassy tomorrow as well, just in case mine is ready early too.


Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,875km