My dorm feels like a sick room. Smells like one too. Over the last couple of nights it has been completely full and most people are ill with upset stomachs that make the bathroom a noxious environment. I seem to be immune though, having already had gut issues here in Tajikistan and in many other countries during my trip. Outside of the room is what used to be a pleasant place to relax (an open, carpeted space with very soft couches) but is now an overflow area with four mattresses replacing the couches. Three of the four people sleeping here are also sick. I have continued to keep to myself. I spent the first half of the day researching Africa and creating a table of information that outlines my route and process of obtaining all the visas I need to get through the length of the continent. I worked until I felt grotty with a layer of sweat and un-brushed teeth. By this time the bathroom had been cleaned, so I enjoyed a nice shower before switching tasks and preparing Instagram posts. I used up all my remaining food (rice, potato, carrot, beetroot and spices) on a fairly ordinary dinner before watching a movie on my laptop, Limitless. All the while my YouTube video continues to upload itself onto the internet. It has been going for more than 24 hours now and isn’t even half way through.

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Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,875km