Once again I returned to the Turkmenistan Embassy and once again I was disappointed. I did receive a code though, being told I could use it to get the visa at the border. The only trouble is that the immigration officer wasn’t able to confirm the visa had been granted, which means the code is probably just an application reference number. Some people have faced problems at the border when they were let out of Uzbekistan but weren’t allowed into Turkmenistan, thus being stranded in no-man’s land until a solution was worked out. I insisted I still wanted to get the visa here in Dushanbe and was subsequently told to return in a few days. On the way home from the Embassy, I filmed a new ending to my video and when I got home I set about finalising the video and starting the rendering process to turn it into a new video file. Later in the day I got onto more Instagram planning and selecting photos for new diary entries. In the evening the video was ready for another upload to YouTube, but again, it may not be ready for publishing for another two days. In between all of this I felt lazy enough to watch two movies: Quantum Solace and The Help. Turns out I’ve seen them both before, but long enough ago that I could still enjoy them. I’m still waiting on my bike seat, the last piece of news coming four days ago when it left a transit facility in Russia. I am also still waiting on emails back from Steripen and Gates, who must be blatantly ignoring me by now.


Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,875km