My luck hasn’t extended so far as to grant me a Turkmenistan visa yet, so I had another fruitless early morning ride across the city to start the day. I flitted away the morning planning what I was going to do if I don’t get the visa in my hands this week. After thinking through a lot of options I came to the conclusion that I really have only one practical answer, and that is to ride to the border in the hope that the visa gets granted between now and the time I arrive. The first risk with this is that Uzbekistan might not let me leave if I don’t have valid Turkmenistan visa to show them. The second risk is that Uzbekistan will let me leave, but I am not granted a Turkmenistan visa, meaning I am stranded in no-man’s land between the two countries. The alternative option is to get to Tashkent and check at the Turkmenistan embassy there. This would involve getting a train to and Bukhara and Tashkent, as I don’t have enough time to cycle there and make it back down to the Turkmenistan border in time for my scheduled entry date, which is fixed in my visa application. The idea of not being granted the visa is not a bad one, but what is bad is the not knowing. I have no idea whether to plan for Turkmenistan or Kazakhstan. If I don’t get the visa at the border and am allowed back into Uzbekistan, then I might still need to get a train to Tashkent, wherefrom I will need to hightail it out of the country before my visa expires. The only way I can go is north into Kazakhstan. This will mean a long ride across Kazakhstan to reach the Caspian Sea, across which I can catch a ferry to Azerbaijan.

In the afternoon I completed my Instagram planning duties, then watched the rest of Equals, which I had started last night. After the movie I started cleaning up my diary entries from the last few weeks. When dinnertime came, I cooked the last of my vegetables with rice. Returning to my upstairs hideaway, I watched Janapur, before brushing my teeth and clearing my bed, which is now looking very attractive.

Hostel entry

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Total distance ridden 20,875km