It is likely, but not certain, this is my last full day in Dushanbe. I started it by finishing my work on my diary entries. I then put a load of washing on, sewed the strap of my eye mask so it fits better, pumped up my bike tyres and visited the corner shop for some lunch food supplies. In the late afternoon I watched a movie called Upside Down. I then ordered a pizza for dinner, something I’d been looking forward to doing for my last night. While the pizza was on its way, I wandered back to the shop and bought a few things to complete my last day treat: a juice to have with the pizza and an ice cream and Mars bar to have afterwards. My dinnertime movie was the quirky The Lobster, which I really enjoyed. It’s now time to tidy up my things and get some sleep before a big day tomorrow. I am 96% sure I am leaving. Tomorrow is the second last day I am allowed in Tajikistan, so it’s probably safer to try and leave the country tomorrow rather than leave it right to the last minute. The 4% uncertainty lies with the fact that I will be visiting the Turkmenistan Embassy one last time, so it won’t be until mid to late morning that I actually get going. By this time it will be really hot and it’s never fun starting the day in extreme heat, especially when I want to ride more than 100km that includes a border crossing. I might end up deciding to hang around another day and leave early the following morning.

Email query updates: Yesterday I prepared a few emails to send off to Gates, Steripen and AfterShokz, each one suggesting I was getting frustrated at having to wait for two weeks for any replies. The last I’d heard from Gates was that they were going to put together an order for a new belt and sprocket system, but it was going to have to come from America or Australia, and not from Europe, wherefrom I was being dealt with. The guy I was emailing handballed the order to others and that was where the communication stopped. I was quite shocked to a reply from Gates soon after today’s email, in which they apologised for not getting back to me and offered to complete the order at no cost, even asking for my shirt size so they could throw in some extra merchandise. How’s that for service?! I’m still waiting to hear from Steripen and AfterShokz.

Time to go

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 20,875km