I enjoyed a slow morning chatting to fellow travellers over an extended breakfast before getting onto my ‘administration’ to-do list, which involved researching visas, sending emails and planning my way out of Uzbekistan. The last task involved plotting the location of food and water points for the next 1000km, which will cover areas referred to as The Desert. I wasn’t done till mid-afternoon, when I headed out to do some food shopping, gathering supplies from various mini markets. After a brief rest back home, I headed out once again, this time to play tourist. I wandered out to The Ark, from which I slowly made my way back to my hostel via any buildings or laneways that caught my attention. The city of Bukhara is at least 2,500 years old and has thus seen a lot in its day, including being razed to the ground by Genghis Khan in 1220. Just as I reached the Lyabi Hauz Pool, I saw Dorothea (someone I’d first met in Kyrgyzstan) and called out to her. She invited me to join her and Piotrek for dinner at a rooftop restaurant. There, I enjoyed a delicious eggplant salad and a dish called French Style Meat, which looked pretty ordinary, but was also very tasty. We worked out that we might bump into each other yet again in Kazakhstan as we both cross the Caspian Sea on a ferry. Home again, I set about preparing my luggage, pumping up my tyres and getting my mind ready for what might be a hard slog out of the country. I have ten days to ride 1000km through “The Desert” and into Kazakhstan before my Uzbekistan visa expires. It’s doable, but it won’t be easy.


Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 21,455km