I have stayed up too late. An all-too-common story. Tomorrow I start my final push to get out of Uzbekistan before my visa expires. If all goes to plan I will ride further in the next three days than any other three days of my life. I felt really good today. Very happy. You know you have reached a good point in life when a comfortable place to rest and access to satisfying food (together with a great feeling of accomplishment) is enough to make you feel complete happiness. After filling myself to the brim with a delicious breakfast included in my hotel stay, I completed chores through the morning (emails about gear, Azerbaijan visa application, clothes washing) before heading out for lunch, returning to Grand Lavash, and revisiting the great supermarket on the way home to complete food shopping for the next days. At home I prepared my belongings, had a nice video chat with my parents and then watched a movie.

Throughout the day I was in contact with Ergon, who produces the great handlebar grips and bar ends I have on my bike. Having sent an initial email enquiring about how I can prolong the life of my grips which are starting to wear through, our discussion arrived at a place where they said they will send me a free pair of replacement grips. Wonderful service!

The day disappeared and it was soon time to grab some dinner. Yes, back to Grand Lavash. I had just sat down when a group of foreigners entered. I asked if I could join them, learning that they make up the Mongol Rally team known as the Kublai Kooks. They were a really nice bunch of guys who seem like the kind of people I’d really enjoy hanging out with. We shared stories over kebabs. I was hoping for a pizza but they weren’t available. Back home I ate some more food before putting on another movie and it is this that has kept me awake further into the night than I should really be.

A burial site I passed outside of Nukus

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 22,025km