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Day 877 (Kazakhstan Day 5)

I’ve had my relaxing day and I’m now ready to get back into it tomorrow and see where the road takes me. After a late breakfast, I spent the rest of the morning preparing an email for Santos, explaining my bike issues and asking for advice. I then ventured into town to do some food shopping, finding an indoor market area with almost everything I needed: fresh fruit and vegetables as well as dried fruit and nuts. I returned to a little shop I visited yesterday to buy a couple of somsas for lunch, asking where I could find a pharmacy. I bought some Giardia medication and enquired about alcohol for my cooking stove, discovering that they offered 90% proof alcohol, whereas I have been using 96% proof. I bought one bottle to test at home. It worked fine, so I hit the hot streets again to return to the pharmacy and tick ‘shopping’ off my to-do list. I then set about washing the green goods I’d bought and packing as much gear as possible. I soon began to fade and decided it was time for an afternoon nap, but this just turned into a mindless YouTube-watching session. I had a simple dinner and have just been working on cleaning up some diary entries. It’s now approaching 10pm and I’m about to get ready for bed. I hope with all my heart that my bike will get through tomorrow.

Ready to re-enter this?

Accommodation $ Hotel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 22,572km

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