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Day 884 (Kazakhstan Day 12)

I’d heard it can take a bit of running around to organise tickets for a ferry out of Aktau and this was certainly the case for us today. After two trips to the ticket office in town and three trips to the ferry port, we finally had all the paperwork we required to catch tomorrow’s boat, which is called the Professor Gul. In the late afternoon we (me, Tien, Damien and Axelle) finally managed to find time to spend at ‘the beach’. We went to a popular spot relatively close to town and it turned out to be much nicer than where we went swimming yesterday. The water was deeper and the bottom was clean sand. After a long swim, I returned to shore where I had the most amazing power nap. On waking I felt like I’d been asleep for hours and hours, fully energised and extremely relaxed. As I spied on the locals enjoying their time in the sun and water I really felt like I was on a relaxing holiday, giving me a wonderfully welcome change from pushing hard on the bike, which has filled my life recently. As the sun put on an impressive show as it sunk towards the sea, we treated ourselves to a beachside shaslik.

We didn’t get home from our last trip to the ferry port until around 10.30pm. After stocking up on food supplies at the nearby supermarket, we chilled out the front of the hostel. One of the vodka bottles we bought for the ferry journey was opened, soon followed by a big bottle of beer. Initially, we were all keen for a couple of quick drinks before getting some rest before waking up at 5.30am to be ready for the ferry. This quickly changed when a friendly Russian man joined us, bringing along a 5L plastic container full of vodka. It wasn’t long before we were well and truly on our way to another big night. I proceeded to drink far too much of the vodka-of-unknown-origin than my body could handle and spent the last while with my head in my hands before having a quick spew and somehow getting myself into bed. I was present enough to check the time (3.30am) and realise I only had two hours of sleep ahead of me.

Drinking buddies

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 23,047km

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