No prizes for guessing how I felt on getting up. And how I feel now. I spent much of the morning in a daze as the last of my wretched drunkenness wore off and a punishing hangover set in. Fortunately, I didn’t have to move much, as we faced a four-hour wait at the ferry port before anything happened. I spent this time dozing on my sleeping met while Tien and Axelle lay prostrate on the adjacent bench. Damien, bless him, did all the work with getting vehicle on board. Finally, we were allowed to drag ourselves through immigration and customs and board our vessel. After a short wait we were given our cabin and were delighted to discover it had a window. We chilled out for a while before being delighted even further when the call for lunch came. Surprised to find a small cafeteria on board, we enjoyed grabbing the humungous silver plates on which we were served two types of soups, a watery meat and potato one, and a lentil-based one. We returned to our cabin and continued resting our suffering bodies.

The boat didn’t get moving until around 2.30pm. We have spent the afternoon moving between our cabin (where we can all be horizontal) and outside (where it is pleasantly cool, unlike the extremely warm cabin). We enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the top deck and just before the last of the pink orb had disappeared the call for dinner came. It looked like the two lunchtime soups had been combined into one, which was served with a plate of noodles. Not fancy but good enough for hungry stomachs. We are all now in bed. It’s still super warm in the cabin but it has cooled down just enough that you can lie still without sweating.

Goodbye Kazakhstan

Accommodation $ Caspian Sea Ferry
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 23,047km