I woke up in limbo, floating on the Caspian Sea with no land in sight. We found our own ways to pass the time. I switched between resting on the top deck and watching a couple of movies in the cabin. We dropped anchor outside Alat in the early afternoon and waited for our turn to enter the port. Entering Azerbaijan proved a relatively slow, but easy process. Customs was closed so it was just a matter of waiting for our turn to be stamped in. After saying goodbye to my mates from the last few days, I rode out of the port with Peter, an Austrian cycle tourer. By this time it was just getting dark. Hoping to find a place to sleep in town, we rode into Alat, but soon discovered that the town lacks any form of accommodation. Several people told us there is a hotel at the port, so, annoyingly, we headed back to where our journey had begun. On returning to the port we were told that there was no hotel. We think there is a place to stay there, but either it’s only reserved for local truck drivers and port workers, and/or it was too late in the night to arrange for us to stay there. Our pleas to be able to set up our tent in a dark spot nearby were refused. In the end we decided to see if we could set up a tent out the back of one of the nearby petrol stations. Once again we rode out of the port into the night. Absolutely not, was the message we received. Left with only one choice, we rode a short distance along the main road before disappearing into a patch of shrubs. In ten minutes we had set up out tents and crashed into bed.


Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 9.48km
Average cycling speed 16.7kph
Total distance ridden 23,056km