Much of today was dedicated to developing a plan for the next couple of months, including working out a rough route through Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. I now feel a bit more relaxed, having at least a little bit of an idea of the direction my life will take for the next while. I have decided to forgo visiting major cities in Iran and instead just spend my time on small roads through relatively quiet areas. My route through northern Iraq is heavily influenced by the places I need to avoid, so the choices are much more limited. Turkey is huge and the options are endless, but I think I will first head into the centre to get away from its border with Syria, before heading west and dropping back down to the coast at the country’s western end.

A while ago I turned by back on Steripen, my device having suffered a lamp malfunction and the company failing to respond to a series of pleas for advice. Today it was revealed to me why I hadn’t had a response. The company has been taken over by Katadyn and in the messy transition period they stopped tending to customers’ queries. I received an email that apologised for the lack of contact, and offered a free replacement device. While it’s nice to be receiving a new one, I still have reservations about relying on a Steripen for a long term trip, given the fact that lamp failures are not uncommon. But still, it’s awesome to be receiving a replacement.

When my head was ready to explode from staring at my computer and my legs were twitching from inactivity, I packed up my work for the day and headed out for a walk. I spent a few hours exploring the city, slowly making my way south along the waterfront, then up the hill to the lookout area. If I had to live in a big city, then I think Baku would be among my top few choices. I was going to make dinner at home but instead arranged to meet up with Tien and grab dinner out before having a few drinks in a pub.

Another view entering Baku yesterday

Accommodation $ Hostel
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 23,151km