Once again I’m sleeping under the stars. I found a spot to camp in a tiny, dry mud pit located along a depression that runs between two hills. I’m surrounded by a rolling landscape in various states of agriculture, but mostly tilled soil ready for new crops. Azerbaijan runs one hour behind Kazakhstan, so it feels like bedtime (which is sunset) is at a more suitable time for a camping lifestyle (7.30pm instead of 8.30pm). Of course, it doesn’t make any difference to the amount of sleeping time available, but it still feels better being ready for sleep before 9pm. There was nothing particularly special about the day’s ride. The most notable thing that happened was that a young lady pulled over ahead of me at one point and when I caught up she offered me a goody-bag containing a bottle of water, can of energy drink, freshly baked bread roll and a sweet fruit bread roll. It was pretty hectic getting out of Baku and the heavy traffic continued all day as I remained on the main road that runs west towards Georgia. I have less than 10km to go before I abandon the main road and take a quieter route south towards Iran. The landscape out here is dry and fairly barren, with only prickly herbs and small plants providing a light shade of green against the yellow-brown soil.

It’s a wild life

Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 91.13km
Average cycling speed 15.4kph
Total distance ridden 23,242km