I slept undisturbed by the old lady who’d hassled me in the evening. Up and away before the surrounding settlement got busy, I hit the road fairly early and enjoyed a cold descent for 17km through beautiful hills down to Chavarzagh. There, I found a shop where I stocked up on food – fruit, baked beans, canned stew and lollies, plus a gift of cold water and chewies – before heading further south. Not far out of town I was waved into a tent by the roadside where tea and lollies were being offered to passersby, as part of some kind of religious thing. A water fountain on a nearby hill gave me a chance to stock up my drinking water. Then I faced an almighty climb, on which I truly reached my limit with physical endurance. At times I walked my bike even though I was on good bitumen, just so that I could spread the pain out across different parts of my body. I pushed on for 30km but with no end in sight I decided to call it quits about 5pm. My body refused to go any further. Being on the side of an incredibly steep mountain meant that options for camping were almost nil. I resorted to sneaking into a culvert that ran under the road. I cleared an area large enough for my tent (sweeping away  broken glass and drug-taking implements in the process) and got on with preparing dinner and crashing into bed.

A home at least

Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 49.94km
Average cycling speed 9.6kph
Total distance ridden 23,927km