Another day in Iran, another incredible family to become a part of. I made okay time as I raced against the wind in an effort to reach Tabriz before nightfall. My original plan was to make my way to a campground listed on Maps.Me. When I passed what appeared to be a metal workshop on the outskirts of the city, I took the opportunity to see if I could have my broken front rack welded. As I was inquiring, a guy who appeared to be a customer and who could speak some English started talking to me. He said he had a shop 100m down the road and invited me there, saying he could help. I followed him there and spent some time at the front of his shop taking the rack off my bike. My new friend, named Amir, handed it to of his workers, who jumped in a car and disappeared down the road. I just had to hope it would come back intact.

In the meantime I was invited to the office above Amir’s shop. There, I met his father and was offered tea. His father asked me what music is like in Australia. I found Land Down Under on YouTube and attempted to play it, but the internet wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t long before my rack reappeared, welded perfectly and complete with a fresh layer of protective paint. As I rebuilt my bike, I found myself being invited to stay at Amir’s house. Without the need to ride off and find my own place to stay, I put the bike away and continued to chill out at the office, having tea and a delicious meal. At one point I was walking back into the office having ducked out to the toilet and discovered that they had got YouTube working. Blasting from their little speakers was Working Class Man.

In the evening I joined Amir for a drive around the city. We spent most of the time at Sah Goli Park, where we chatted about life and religion over pomegranate juice. The shop was closed by the time we got back. I locked my bike inside, grabbed the few belongings I needed and went home with Amir. The night was spent chatted to Amir and his brother Mohammad Mahdi.

Exploring Tabriz with Amir

Accommodation Home of a lovely family
Distance ridden today 56.77km
Average cycling speed 14.9kph
Total distance ridden 24,271km