In the morning, I joined Amir on his journey to work so I could pick up my bike and ride it back home, ready for my departure from Tabriz tomorrow. I got a shock when I saw snow on the hills surrounding the city. Winter is coming early.

As I rode home, I grew increasingly bold as I negotiated my way through the unpredictable traffic. I ended up having an accident, thankfully not involving anyone else. I was careening down a bus lane and was swinging my leg over the top bar in preparation for a smooth dismount as I left the bus lane and entered the sidewalk. In the process the front wheel slipped out from under me and I tumbled into the drain running down the side of the road. I hit my head pretty hard and if I wasn’t wearing a helmet I would probably have ended in a bloody, unconscious, mess. It all happened in a flash. Not wanting to attract a scene, I jumped up quickly, collected my bicycle, parked it on the sidewalk, and sat down to recover. A few people came to my side and a nearby shop owner brought me a glass of water. My hand shook as I drank. I downed the glass, then grabbed my bike and wheeled it down the street and around the corner, out of sight of the onlookers. I continued my ride home a little more carefully. I have a bruised and grazed hip and cut to my hand, but am otherwise fine.

I entered home to find an extravagant lunch was ready. I am getting treated like a king here. After eating a silly amount of food, I had a lie down for an hour or so before working on my bike. I gave it a hose down, adjusted the seat, tightened the pedal strap bolts, checked the front rack bolts, reattached part of the front mud guard and adjusted the brakes.

It was dark by the time I was finished and it wasn’t long before Amir came home. A charcoal grill was set up outside and kebabs trapped within wire mesh were laid on top for roasting. Together with roasted kebab and tomatoes, dinner consisted of a delicious soup, salad, rice and potato. After dinner we moved to the sitting area and I was presented with a beautiful gift: a copy of the Quran with an English translation.


Accommodation Home of lovely family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 24,271km