I woke up at 7.30am and had a shower before the planned breakfast at 8am. I knew ‘mum’ was going to prepare a bunch of food for me to take away, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the mountain of food that slowly piled up. I reorganised my luggage and slowly packed everything, leaving nearly a whole front pannier free to squeeze in the food gifts. As I did so, I realised I was facing a major problem with my phone. It failed to charge yesterday and it failed to charge overnight. My phone was not working and I suspected the battery was at fault. As I rely on my phone for navigation, I very much prefer not going without it. Sure it would be possible, but it would be hell of a lot easier if it was working. Amir raced into town to find a new battery. Being a Friday, he had to wait a while before the shops opened, but he managed to find a genuine Samsung battery replacement. Unfortunately, I faced the same issue: my phone was not transferring charge into the battery. I knew my day was about to fall apart and worked hard to stay relaxed. Amir and I returned to town to hunt down a repair shop. We received immediate service and I watched my phone get dismantled and the charging port removed. It was handed to a guy in charge of a microscope who inspected it closely before saying there was nothing wrong with it. He gave it a quick clean before handing it back to the original guy, who put my phone back together We then tested it with a couple of batteries and lo and behold they began to charge normally. It seems as if my problem was a bit of dirt in the charging port. By this time it was after 1pm and I made the decision to stay another night. So began a lazy afternoon at home. At lunchtime, like all other meals, I faced another enjoyable inquisition about life, allowing all parties to compare out lot. In the evening Mohammad Mahdi and I enjoyed cracking and snacking on walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds. At around 7pm we were picked up by Shahin. We ventured into the ‘happening’ part of the city, where young and old were enjoying a night out, wandering the pedestrian malls. We enjoyed a snack of brown beans before being joined by Amir. We continued to wander around for a while before having dinner at a pizza bar and returning home or further discussion about our opportunities and goals for the future.


Accommodation Home of lovely family
Distance ridden today 0km
Total distance ridden 24,271km