If I am to make good progress into Europe I need to start pacing myself. If I just go gung-ho I’ll end up exhausting myself and make less progress overall than if I take it steady. I thought I was going to cross into Turkey today but it turns out there is a bit of a mountain range in the way. After two days of pushing hard, stopping only long enough to eat and sleep, I have exhausted myself on the start of the climb and stopped early, 20km shy of the border. If I rode on, I probably would have made the border around 4.30pm and it would be dark by the time I was free to ride off into Turkey. I am lying on some lush green grass on the edge of a dense thicket of trees. To one side (other side of the thicket) is the road. To the other is a gently flowing creek within a mostly dry riverbed. Ominous grey clouds are passing overhead. It might be a wet night.

A steady climb

Accommodation Free-camp
Distance ridden today 41.5km
Average cycling speed 12.7kph
Total distance ridden 24,522km