Despite the rain overnight, or because of it I guess, I woke up to clear blue skies. It was an easy ride into Van and with lots of time to spare I decided to stay on the bike as I explored the place before finding a place to sleep. My first stop was the Fortress of Van, a 2000 year old stone structure that formed the home of successive groups of people intent on having control over the region. I rode around both sides of it to see how close I could get. Then I decided to see Lake Van (Turkey’s largest) close up. Unfortunately, the part I saw was littered with trash. I dipped my toes in the water anyway. Finally ready to get settled, I made my way into the city and to a backpacker hostel, where I had a very welcome shower. All that was left to do was find my first genuine Turkish kebab.

Day 925

Fortress of Van

Accommodation $ Backpacker hostel
Distance ridden today 56.29km
Average cycling speed 17.5kph
Total distance ridden 24,662km